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    G pay / Paytm no. 9835331002 Name Ravi Shankar Dwivedi. A/c Details- A/C No. 1152104000037396 IFSC code – IBKL0001152 IDBI Bank. Argora Branch Name – Dr. Ravi Shankar Dwivedi

    Terms and Condition

    1. To confirm your appointment for tele consultation please pay rs 700 by online transaction to the given number and upload a picture of transaction receipt . All payments done before 1pm are entitled for same day consultation,  for all payments after 1pm, consultation will be offered next day.

    2. This entitles you to one time consultancy and one follow up within 15 days . after that for repeat consultation you will have to pay        again.

    3. Please up load your details age ,sex, weight,any history of diabetes, thyroid, hypertension or any other chronic illness.

    Then mention current problem and few pictures of the involved area. You may also upload a short video mentioning your problem.

    4.After review by the Doctor, you will receive a prescription and if required a call from the Doctor.

    5. In case of any problem /side effect of the medication, please stop the medication immediately and visit nearest hospital.

    6. Telemedicine is not a substitute for direct consultation and used only in special situation when patient is not able the visit Doctor. This prescription is not valid for medicolegal purpose.

    7. If these terms are acceptable, you may make the payment to confirm your appointment.

    8. After receiving your payment clinical details pictures, your case will reviewed by the consultant. If required, you may also received a call from our center between 2 to 4 pm and then our consultant will send you the prescription on whatsapp.