Freckles and Melasma treatment

Freckles are brown to black small pigment mark mostly seen on the sun exposed areas like cheek, chin, fore head, ‘V’ of Neck, Hand. Main cause is sun exposure and photo sensitivity. At Shanti Skin & Laser centre we use QsNdYAG Laser system, IPL, Chemical peelings in various combinations for the most effective treatment of the lesion. Another pigmentory disorder of immense concern is Melasma. It is commonly seen as a brownish to black discoloration on the cheek bone, forehead or rarely in the chin region. At Shanti Skin & Laser centre we use Wood’s Lamp and Dermascope to find the exact type of pigmentation and use various combinations of Lasers and Peels and Microdermabrasion for the most effective management of pigmentation.