Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair Transplant Clinic

Hair loss is a very common condition, which at times may have severe psychological impact on the patient Hair transplant surgery is an effective permanent and natural solution to baldness

Shanti Skin Hospital in collaboration with Dermaclinix New Delhi is offering the most advanced hair transplant surgery using powered FUE technique Follicular unit Extraction is a relatively painless scar less and suture less technique for hair transplantation surgery

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1What is hair transplant surgery?
A It is a surgical procedure in which hair follicles from the back of scalp (The area which is resistant to baldness) are removed and transplanted to the bald area.
2Do transplanted hair grow and can one go for a hair cut?
Since transplanted hair are patient's own hair, they are natural, grow as other hair, can be styled and cut as required.
3Is it very painful procedure?
A. It is a comparatively safe surgical procedure. With the use of FUE technique, hair transplant has become almost painless surgery.
4what are the various surgical techniques of hair transplant surgery?
A. There are two common method of hair transplant surgery - FUT or Strip harvesting method and FUE. In Strip harvesting method, a 1 to 1.5 cm wide strip of skin is removed from the back of the scalp and the skin is sutured. From that strip individual hair follicles are separated by a team of technicians, which are implanted in the bald area. In FUE method individual hair follicles are removed by the doctor using manual or power punches and implanted in the bald areas
5When do the transplanted hair start growing?
A. After transplant surgery, most of the implanted hair fall and the follicle go in the resting phase After an average of 3 to 5 months hair starts growing from these transplanted follicles. To see the best results, one has to wait for 9 months to 1 year.
6How long does hair transplant surgery take?
A. Depending on the number of grafts needed, surgery may extend from 6 to eight hours. On an average 2500 to 3000 grafts are implanted in each session
7How much does the hair transplant surgery cost?
A. Cost depends on the number of follicles required. On an average we charge INR follicles increases.
8 What is the advantage of FUE method over FUT or Strip harvesting method
FUE method is the latest technique of hair transplant surgery which is suture less and almost painless and scarless. There is less chances of post operative complication like numbness and infection of the donor area, visible ugly scar of the donor area. Since hair follicle extraction in FUE method is done by the doctor as compared to team of technicians in FUT or strip harvesting technique, there is a chance of better outcome. In FUE surgery there is minimum down time and patient can resume routine activities as soon as next day of surgery and all the dressing is removed by third day of surgery.
9Who are the right candidate for hair transplant surgery
Every patient of male pattern baldness or female pattern baldness can go for hair transplant surgery. Even cardiac patients or diabetics can go for hair transplant surgery with due precaution.
10Apart from scalp, in which area hair transplant surgery can be performed
Hair transplant surgery can be done for the eye brows, eyelashes,moustache ane beard area and practically any area of the body
11 Hair transplant surgery can be done for the eye brows, eyelashes, moustache and beard area and practically any area of the body.
Can we use hair from other parts of the body By FUE method, hair from the beard, chest area, pubic area or other hairy region of the body can be harvested and transplanted in the bald area. Body transplant is used mainly to improve the density or when donor area is does not have sufficient hair follicles.
12Can one go for repeat session of hair transplant surgery
Repeat sessions of hair transplant surgery are commonly required to increase the density, to cover the unsightly scar of previous strip harvesting method of surgery. Repeat sessions are generally taken after 6 to 9 months of the first session.

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