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Shanti Skin Hospital & Laser center was established in 2009 as a tertiary care skin center offering complete skin and cosmetology care under one roof. We are one of the best-equipped skin centers in eastern India. Among the diagnostic facilities, we have a dermatopathology lab with facility for all skin specific investigation and biopsies, dermoscopy, trichoscan, skin analyzer and UV scanner. Amongst the therapeutics, we have all advanced equipment like Electro & Radiofrequency cautery, cryotherapy units, complete phototherapy unit with facility for PUVA, NbUVB treatment – whole body and hand & foot units, CO2 Laser, QsNdYAG laser, RF with IPL and others. Our aim is to provide best and most advanced Skin care Facilities at an affordable rate. We strive to become the Centre of excellence and referral Centre for Dermatology for entire Eastern India. Read More


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    Doctor was very very friendly ,,,He diagnosed the decease and suggested all the lifestyle changes required, he gave ample time to explain and he also explained everything patiently... Thanks a lot
    He is very friendly, explains causes of disease confidently in simple way and raises confidence of the patient that he can be cured definitely with proper treatment. Thus Patients enhanced will power enables medicines prescribed by him to act well on the patient resulting in quick recovery.
  •  Vishwajeet kumar

    It is nice experience with doctor so far. He diagnosed my problem first and then prescribed some medicines. I started recovering from my rash after taking just one dose. After taking medicine I did not observe rash again on my body.So far, medicine is working as expected and I have no rash on my body at least these days after taking medicines.Let's see what happens in the days to come.So far treatment is satisfactory and fruitful.


    Vishwajeet kumar