Laser Hair Removal

Unwanted body and facial hair are aesthetic nightmare. We offer the most advanced Laser Hair removal system for permanent reduction of unwanted hair in a painless manner and at a very affordable cost. Laser Hair removal is a multiple sitting procedure, on an average 4 – 6 sittings are required for satisfactory results. Body hair requires more sitting than facial hair. Thick and coarse hair respond better to treatment compared to thin or blonde hair. We use most advanced dual mode RF with IPL treatment mode machine for best possible result and with minimum pain. Side effect of LHR is very rare and it is a very safe aesthetic procedure. White hairs do not respond to Lasers and they are removed using electro or radio frequency assisted epilation.

We used the most advanced tripple Laser System which blend Diode NDYAG & Alexandrite Laset to give excillent result in all Skin & Hair Types
To get a free assessment of your hair loss and treatment whats app your photo from Front side and top Side of your head
1What causes unwanted body and Facial hair ?
Unwanted hair could be because of hormonal problems like thyroid diseases, polycystic ovarian disease, genetic problems, but most of the cases are idiopathic or constitutional without any real pathology. You should consult your Dermatologist before starting LHR sessions to rule out any hormonal diseases.
22. What can be done for these unwanted hair?
A. There are temporary and permanent methods for hair removal. Temporary methods are threading, bleaching, waxing and epilation. Permanent methods to remove hair are Electro epilation and Laser Hair removal.
3How painful is this procedure?
With modern Laser hair removal instruments, LHR is almost a painless procedure.
4how many sittings are required for Laser Hair removal?
Onaverage 6-8 sittings are required to get a satisfactory reduction of hair.
5What can expect after a LHR sitting?
Although most of the patients are completely comfortable after Laser hair removal session, some patients may experience mild sting u ining sensation after LHR which can stay for a day.
6What precaution are needed before LHR?
Patient has to avoid bleaching, threading and waxing at least one month before starting LHR sessions, although patients may shave or cut extra hair growth.
7Wat precautions are required after LHR?
After LHR session, one needs to avoid facial, bleaching for at least one week and use sunscreen regularly to avoid excess sun exposure.
8Which areas can be treated for Laser Hair removal?
hest, arm, leg, under arms etc can be treated.
9Can white hair be removed with Lasers?
[11:25 AM, 3/12/2020] Rk: White hairs do not respond to Laser hair removal and electro epilation is only permanent method to remove white hair permanently. This is supposed to be general information about Laser Hair removal. For further details you may consult Dermatologist. Why Shanti Skin & Laser Centre? Consultant trained at one of the best institutes of the country, KEM Hospital, Mumbai, Received fellowship and training at various national & international centre of repute in aesthetic dermatology. Member Cosmetic Dermatologist Society of India. Most advanced Hair removal system working on dual mode RF and IPL technique. More than 10 Ethical With modern LHR machines practically every part of the body like face, ear, back, years experience of various types of Lasers and aesthetic treatments. practice, Genuine advice and Reasonable cost.
10What is the principle of Laser hair removal?
Laser Hair removal works on the principle of Photo thermolysis. High intensity lightenergy delivered by Laser system is absorbed by the pigment in hair bulb and it destroys the roots of hair. It works only on the growing (Anagen) and black hair follicles.

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