Our Center

Shanti Skin Hospital & Laser centre was established in 2009 as a tertiary care skin centre offering complete skin and cosmetology care under one roof. We are one of the best equipped skin centers of eastern India. Among the diagnostic facilities we have a dermatopathology lab with facility for all skin specific investigation and biopsies, dermascope, trichoscan, skin analyzer and UV scanner. Amongst the therapeutics, we have all advanced equipments like Electro & Radio frequency cautery, cryo therapy units, complete phototherapy unit with facility for PUVA, NbUVB treatment – whole body and hand & foot units, CO2 Laser, QsNdYAG laser, RF with IPL and others. Our aim is to provide best and most advanced Skin care Facilities at an affordable rate. We strive to become the Centre of excellence and referral Centre for Dermatology for entire Eastern India.