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We also offer most advanced Monochromatic Excimer Light therapy to treat small patches of Vitiligo. We used FDA approved EXCIMER 308 system from Alma which is most reliable,n safe and give fastest pigmentation in a responsive vitligo patch. Surgical therapy

Vitiligo or Leucoderma is a skin disease characterized by white spots on the body. It is caused due to destruction of Melanocytes, color producing cells of the body. It is an auto immune disease. At Shanti Skin & Laser Centre, we use the most advanced treatment modalities like phototherapy – PUVA & Narrowband UVB and surgical techniques to treat Vitiligo. Among the surgical modalities, we use micropigmentation, punch grafting, split thickness grafting, suction blister grafting & Melanocyte transplant surgery to treat stables patches of Vitiligo.

Melanocyte transplant surgery is the most advanced surgical treatment for treatment of stable Vitiligo. By this technique, a from a small patch of normal skin, color producing cells Melanocytes can be harvested and expanded to cover almost ten times the area of white patch. We are doing melanocyte transplant surgery for Vitiligo and other hypopigmented disorders like white birth marks since 2007. We are amongst the pioneer of melanocyte transplant surgery in the country and only centre in eastern India to offer this surgical technique for the treatment of Vitiligo.

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